Baby Maintenance

Becoming a parent is the happiest moment in one’s life. The arrival of a new baby brings enthusiasm and delight to everyone in the family. However, baby maintenance is required to keep your infant hygienic, strong and healthy. Parents need to ensure more protection and safety while performing bath or nail clipping.

Baby Bathing Tips:

The bathing creates a special bond between the baby and mother. In baby bathing, you have to deem the safety of your child. You can make use of baby bath seat to prevent your baby from drowning or getting injured. You need to congregate all bath materials such as cloth, comb, shampoo and soap before getting the baby to bathroom. You need to place the bathing material within the reach. For bathing your baby, you should use only luke-warm water and it is highly recommended by paediatrician. You need to select authorized baby care products to avoid infection and allergies. After bathing, clean your baby with clean cotton towel.

Baby Nail Care Tips:

The nails of small babies grow rapidly. Babies can accidentally scratch themselves with the fingernails. So it is must to cut the baby fingernails frequently to avoid injuries. You can opt for baby nail clipper, nail file or baby scissors to cut the nails. Baby fingers are very soft and tender, so you have to pay more attention while trimming the fingernail. Never bite your baby nails; it might cause health infection to your beautiful baby. You can get someone help to hold the baby hand tightly while trimming the finger nails.

Like other baby care activities, hair care is very important in baby maintenance. The hair care includes washing, combing, trimming and styling. Nowadays, several baby-friendly shampoo, conditioners, hair styles and accessories are available in the market. Wash your baby’s hair twice a week using best hair care products made exclusively for babies. After washing, you can use wide- tooth comb for combing the baby hair. If required, cut your baby hair without harming your baby. Follow these effective tips to ensure safe and secure baby maintenance.